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News Releases

Helping tadpoles grow up into gardeners’ friends

26 March, 2019

Gardeners peering into ponds at this time of year could be in for a nice surprise. The thick, jelly-ish clumps of frog spawn floating free and long strings of toad spawn, wrapped around water plants, will soon turn into a mass of wriggling tadpoles. And with a bit of help, they can grow up to be gardeners’ friends - slug and snail-devouring frogs and toads.

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Scottish natural capital accounts welcomed

22 March, 2019

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has today welcomed the publication of the Scottish natural capital: Ecosystem Service Accounts, 2019.

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UK scientific first for ancient Caledonian pine forest

20 March, 2019

The uniqueness of Beinn Eighe’s ancient Caledonian pine forest has been recognised with the establishment of the National Nature Reserve (NNR) as the UK’s first area designated for genetic conservation.

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NE Scotland reaches 1.5 m wildlife records

15 March, 2019

A speckled wood butterfly has become the 1.5 millionth wildlife record logged in North East Scotland.

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Campaign offers advice for dog owners around livestock

13 March, 2019

Dog owners are being encouraged to take extra care around livestock when enjoying the great outdoors this spring.

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Hopeful signs of limited Rum wildfire damage

05 March, 2019

A wildfire on the Isle of Rum last April has been assessed as having a low to medium impact, according to a report published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) today.

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27 February, 2019

Plans for the essential next steps to give the wildcat a sustainable future are underway, following a report by members of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Cat Specialist Group.

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Applications open for funding to restore Scotland’s peatlands

25 February, 2019

The latest Peatland ACTION Fund round is now open with £1.5 million available to restore damaged peatlands across Scotland.

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Sun-loving stonefly spotters sought

22 February, 2019

Nature-lovers are being urged to help shed light on a rare winter sun-loving insect.

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Could you help stop mink in their tracks?

19 February, 2019

A major new project working in Highland and Eastern Perthshire, the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative, is looking for people to get involved in work to help remove American mink from the countryside.

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