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Why it's all or nothing for blue tits in spring

25 April, 2019

If you’re listening out for the chatter of springtime chicks you don’t have too long to wait with blue tits among the first garden bird species to lay and hatch eggs. As the nesting season gets underway, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is sharing what makes blue tits special and asking members of the public to lend a helping hand to these popular garden visitors

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Major study reveals 46% decline in moth abundance

23 April, 2019

Moth numbers have declined over the last 25 years while their distribution has increased, new research shows.

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Watch out for wildfire risk this Easter

17 April, 2019

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park and Cairngorms National Park are advising people enjoying the great outdoors this Easter to be aware of the risk of fire.

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Sheep join battle against plant invaders in Macduff

10 April, 2019

A new woolly weapon is being deployed in the battle against Giant hogweed in Macduff this week as part of trial works by the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI).

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Vital benefits of Scotland’s nature now increasing year on year

09 April, 2019

The values of Scotland’s plants, wildlife, air, water, and land – known as natural capital – are now officially increasing for the first time, and delivering stronger benefits to people and businesses across Scotland than in the previous two decades.

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Isle of May opens for the season with top 10 reasons to visit

01 April, 2019

This year’s chance to see thousands of spectacular seabirds, including the largest concentration of nesting puffins along the east coast, starts today with the public opening of the Isle of May’ reserve.

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Animal mums go above and beyond

28 March, 2019

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Scotland’s birds provide some wonderful examples of great parenting – and a few surprises.

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Helping tadpoles grow up into gardeners’ friends

26 March, 2019

Gardeners peering into ponds at this time of year could be in for a nice surprise. The thick, jelly-ish clumps of frog spawn floating free and long strings of toad spawn, wrapped around water plants, will soon turn into a mass of wriggling tadpoles. And with a bit of help, they can grow up to be gardeners’ friends - slug and snail-devouring frogs and toads.

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Scottish natural capital accounts welcomed

22 March, 2019

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has today welcomed the publication of the Scottish natural capital: Ecosystem Service Accounts, 2019.

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UK scientific first for ancient Caledonian pine forest

20 March, 2019

The uniqueness of Beinn Eighe’s ancient Caledonian pine forest has been recognised with the establishment of the National Nature Reserve (NNR) as the UK’s first area designated for genetic conservation.

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